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    3 perspectives on the future of SF and NYC as startup hubs

    It has been an amazingly rough interval for everyone the previous handful of months as the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has wiped out whole industries from the financial map.

    Although tech has been among the most resilient industries in the face of this cataclysm, the intense mobility of the industry’s workforce begs big thoughts about what the long run of startups and work will seem like moving forward.

    We’ve debated what COVID-19 will do to the increase of the faculty city as startup hubs and how the pandemic will transform the way we work in espresso shops and neighborhoods. Now, we want to tackle one particular of the larger sized thoughts that has been bugging us: Will tech continue to centralize in hubs like San Francisco and New York Town, or will distant operate and all the other second-get consequences direct to a extra decentralized startup ecosystem?

    We have three views from our writers, with wildly diverse predictions about what the potential has in keep.

    First, we have Danny Crichton, who thinks that tech, and specially the VC marketplace, will remain as concentrated as at any time, while the place it is concentrated will probably shift a little bit. In the meantime, Alex Wilhelm asserts that startup progress exterior big hubs will essentially accelerate, spreading tech wealth even farther outdoors the metropolises. Finally, Natasha Mascarenhas argues that the mixture of the economic dislocation of COVID-19 and the rising consideration to fairness in tech will direct to additional extreme investment outside core startup hubs.

    Danny Crichton: A new Napa Valley café demonstrates why in-man or woman networks matter

    First there was Sand Hill Road. Then there was South Park. And now there is Solbar at Solage in Calistoga.

    Inspite of the vast availability of distant function applications around the past two a long time, VCs have usually miraculously congregated in terribly limited quarters. VCs weren’t attracted to Sand Hill’s reduced-slung business office properties for the architecture, which were being and are a terror to eyes with a flavor for anything at all a lot more refined than “here be 4 walls and a roof.” VCs did not head to South Park to love what Google Maps phone calls a “tree-lined oval garden” nestled in between mild industrial properties. And they aren’t heading to Solbar in Napa Valley for Californian delicacies and a eating home conveniently closed on Lover Mondays.

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